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Le nid vert

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Julie Hébert from the green nest Julie Hébert completed a bachelor's degree in Biology at l'Université de Montréal in 1996. In 2000, she received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the same institution. She is one of three diplomates of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in avian practice in Québec. Her interest in birds and biology were never far from her appreciation of the plant world.

It was in 2013, with the purchase of a condominium with a large terrace, that her passion for the design of green spaces took off. What was initially a modest project became a challenging enterprise with respect to planter design and to the selection of vegetation adapted to withstand the rigours of an aboveground, third storey garden. The planters were built in accordance with the industrial, modern aesthetic of the building, and arranged to add spatial interest to a restricted space

After years of reading, many planting trials, and countless visits to a renowned nursery, the list of vegetation rustic enough to withstand the harsh Nordic conditions was fine-tuned. By combining her bohemian traits with the rigour developed through years of training as a veterinary specialist, Julie created a green oasis.

This experimental garden continues to mature year after year and has become a source of tranquility and contemplation. The experience was so fulfilling that she decided to launch an urban landscaping business with her husband Édouard, fellow veterinarian and nature-lover. Together, they hope to exploit their interests through more greening projects in order to bring to others the delight that their garden brings to them.

Édouard Maccolini from the green nest

Édouard Maccolini received his veterinary doctorate from l'École Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon in 2009. In 2010, he came to Québec to specialize in the medicine of exotic animals at l'Université de Montréal. He completed his internship in zoological medicine in 2011, and a residency in avian practice in 2016.

Édouard being equally passionate about ecology, nature and plants, it is without hesitation that he joined his partner in life Julie to accompany her in the development of the green nest enterprise.

Édouard handles the management of the business, and the labour offers him a rest from the demanding world of specialized veterinary medicine.

Born in the south of France, Édouard has learned to appreciate the beauty of evergreens that keep our urban garden green all year round. He takes advantage of his green nest by sipping a rosé at sunset, or by taking a nap in the shade of the sumac and maackia on sunny Sunday afternoons.

Alex from the green nest Alex is an African grey parrot. Hatched in 1985, he has been Julie's constant companion for a quarter of a century. Alex is the chief of operations in the garden construction service, directing the whole team with his master's voice. He offers pertinent advice on plant selections for birds, and participates in certain pruning activities using his sharp beak. On occasion, he contributes to the fertilization of the flowerbeds!