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The green nest urban landscaping

The green nest team builds green oases to deliver nature to the urban environment.
Green nest urban landscaping
The green nest is an urban landscaping service that specializes in the design, creation and maintenance of containerized ornamental gardens. The green nest is the brainchild of professionals who are passionate about biology and committed to delivering green landscapes to urban environments.
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Superior quality services offered by a creative and devoted team. Treat yourself to an oasis of wellbeing with your private garden in the city.


We are sorry to inform you that we are not be able to offer our garden services anymore.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our veterinary practice has exploded and its demands have completely overtaken the time we had allocated to our garden design company. We are no longer able to be both veterinarians and garden designers.

The Green nest has brought us a lot of fun and pride, but we have made the difficult decision to close the business to preserve our health.

Feel free to ask us for informal advice for your terrace plants, we will be pleased to help.

Take care,

Julie and Édouard
2460-312 rue Sainte-Cunégonde, Montréal, H3J 2Z5